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craig - totally amazing man

OCMC - Thank you for this song!

gatico - Truly love this one! Pretty soon I will see you make to the top!!!

gatico - WoW! I tru

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I was Born in Vancouver Washington to parents who are both musicians (singers and guitar players), raised in Seattle now residing in Ireland. I have been in the studio literally since I was a newborn. My parents owned Ripcord Recording Studio in Vancouver Washington which is still going today and I was brought home from the hospital and put in a crib next to the control room...That is where I spent my early days and obviously it stuck because music has been my life. Since the age of 9 I was starting to become very serious about my songwriting. Obviously as with anything it takes time to perfect your skills.

I have been in and out of numerous rock bands over the years. I decided to just start writing and recording and putting the music out there instead of trying to keep a band together. I can rely on myself.

I write all genres of music rock, pop, country, crossover, hard rock. "Write what you feel and feel what you play"! That's my motto.

Music...The Universal Language!