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R-Bliss was Born into a musical family and raised in Florida. In early youth R-Bliss was influenced by early American Rap artist such as The BeastieBoys and Egyptian Lover and British electronic bands such as Depeshmode and The Cure.In the early 90's Industrial began to sweep through America. Durring this time R-Bliss was introduced to Nine Inch Nails with their hard hiting drum machines and screeching synths. When not practicing his drum leasons R-Bliss would enjoy toying around on his fathers keybords in the house studio. Around this time the underground dance world was beging to hit R-Bliss's local area. At this time with collaberators Rhythmic Bliss started a production company in which he organized and promoted numerous underground dance events.In the mid-90's with the passing of Rhythmic Bliss's father R-Bliss inherrited a small collection of his fathers equipment. Here R-Bliss began to create his own dance music. Around late 1998-early 1999 R-Bliss was ready to share his music