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Rightyo, well we have three members: JAKE: GUITAR, LEAD VOCALS, RANDOM ROSS: BASS, BACKING VOCALS, MADMAN BILL: DRUMS, SINGING WITH NO MIC.....-.-... NUTTER Our genre is Alt Rock Covers we play.... Blink182 Greenday Enter Shikari Nirvana Oasis This is our story so far... Jake 'n' Bill had their first practise when they were 12, they decided to start a band after having just got their instruments. About two years down the line Ross Allen joined the band as bassist and backing vocals.^^ Ross quickly picked up on the songs, the first song Ross learnt was 'The end of you and me'. Ross also picked up on all the covers Jake and bill could play. After just a few weeks The band started to play gigs at the local pub 'The breakspear arms'. A few months later Jake wrote the songs 'Hold on' and 'Suffocating'. Hold on was the first song that had a riff that stuck and was not improvised everytime the band played it. A few gigs and a few practice sessions later the song 'Denied' was made. This song h