New album coming out in 2007 titled "My Rhymebook." Features the singles "Flyboy" and "7 Digits". Check in for more updates on singles and release dates.

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The name's Reem and I'm an 18 year old rapper/producer from Decatur, Illinois. I've been writing for a couple years but started rapping about a year ago. I've been producing for about less than a year. I started out recording with a friend of mine by the name of Ton in a small home studio. After we both split to attend college, I got a studio in the comfort of my home which I now live in Danville, IL. I'm also a college freshmen at Danville Junior College. I am currently working on a mixtape titled "The Becoming: Volume I" which I plan to release for FREE real soon. After I drop that, I'll be releasing my new album, "My Rhymebook." The album contains tracks like "Flyboy" and "7 Digits" which have been pretty hot around the area. Make sure to check those out plus other tracks I plan to put out for listening pleasure.