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Peter Rattlebone Tindal one of the members of the Australian 60's band "The Cherokees"has been playing around every Gin Joint and Biker Den since the band broke up in the late 60's After the "Monkees tour of OZ. He Has recorded three albums "Chainsaw Sprocket Knucklehead and Tank" released in 1987 in Australia and finland, is due for re-release in October. This album, "Peter Rattlebone Under Down" is being released in July and the third album with the Video "Black Denim Trousers" as the single. which is featured on "You Tube (type in pete tindal or rattlebone). "Bones Alive" recorded live at "The Granary" is being released in September is a compilation of the live set. Signed to "Rockola Records" in 2007, he has achieved steady sales in several countries due to his relentless gigging schedule. The new release "Under Down"is a compilation of material written and recorded over the last ten years and remastered.
Pete is headed back out to the states in July to do various dates.