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Hi guys will be uploading more tunes soon, do buy my tunes and support me..Thank You..check me out at myspace.com/raghajazz

Ragha is a young lad who is an aspiring artist in Indian Classical Music. This budding musician began the flute at the tender age of eleven after he was deeply inspired and blown away by renowned flautist as well as teacher, Sri Ghanavenothan Retnam.
Ragha is current pursuing his musical dream at Lasalle College of the Arts, and is well on his way to achieving his Diploma in Music (Jazz) trained under a well respected jazz virtuoso Tim O’Dwyer. Given his dedicated interest in music, Ragha has taken up an active role in Swathi, the Nritalaya Art Academy’s youth ensemble, and “Gammarays” the contemporary ensemble formed by Gamelan Asmaradana which performs Jazz, Rock and Pop.
With his participation, the ensemble (Swathi) clinched the 2nd Runner’s Up Award at the Singapore National Indian Music Competition 2006