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Pocket Rocket are:

Heavy, mellow, highly strung, chilled out, exciting, fresh, enthusiastic, not using a thesaurus, charged, hardworking, aware this has been done before, accessible, confident, aspiring, energetic, imaginative and raw - but in a polished way.

We're a 3 piece band made of 21 year old vocalist and guitarist Jason Dilworth, bassist and vocalist David Lancaster and drummer Chris Bailey – both 20. We're from Surrey. We've been playing together since early 2007 and our sound has progressed in the direction that we always envisaged. We know that a piece of music on a CD and a live show are completely different and reflect that as much as possible on both of these mediums - watching a band onstage playing through their tracks without the love of playing live being obvious is a waste of time for them, the crowd and the venue, so we want to give our crowds something to look at.

We would buy the music we play if it was written and performed by someone else.