Phil Doleman


Singer/songwriter from Derbyshire...

"Phil has mastered the art of writing a glorious and memorable pop song"

...Billy Bragg meets Victoria Wood.

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Phil is a solo singer / songwriter from Derbyshire. Not your typical shoegazing, acoustic guitar wielding 'singer /songwriter', his songs are quirky takes on real life, blown up out of all proportion – complete stories built around the minutia of everyday life which are anything but 'everyday'.
He is inspired in equal parts by cult songwriters such as Richard Thompson and Billy Bragg and punk icons like John Otway and Wreckless Eric, making Phil’s songs immediate yet memorable, raw yet polished.
He has gigged around London and the Midlands as a headline act and as support to John Otway, Danbert Nobacon, Leon Rosselson and Ed Tudor-Pole amongst others, and has released several CDs, which he has written, recorded, played and produced himself.
In 2004 Phil had a number 2 hit single with the band 4-4-2 and appeared on Top of the Pops and CD:UK.