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All the way from Scotland, this unsigned rock band called Pegasus features twin lead guitar players, full backing vocals by its four members and
writes 100% of their own material.

Pegasus originally Founded in 1984. Influenced by maiden/lizzy type guitar bands. Band split in 1986 to reform again with a new revamped line up in 1989. The reformation of the band bought in newer and more progressive rock based on a mix of thin lizzy, iron maiden, def leppard and bonjovi. Main songwriter is McDave McFurry. To be releasing a six track video DVD over the next couple of months entitled "The First cut". This will be the first time our music has been released into the public Domain with the exception of playing live of course. Videos currently online at

Pegasus are: Drums and lead vocal - Sandman McHaggis,McDave McFurry - Lead guitar and Vocals, Ross McSporran - Lead Guitar and vocals and Bass and Vocals - Frank McBluenose