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The origin of the word ‘Veena’ is from the word ‘Vana‘ which means sound. The term ‘Vana‘ was derived from the root ‘Van‘ which means sound or speed. The word Veena has been derived from ‘Van‘ that which conveys the meaning of sound, musical tone and speed. This is found in the Rig Veda were the word ‘vana‘ seemed to appear distinguishing a stringed instrument. Since both the words ‘Vana‘ and ‘Veena‘ express the idea of sound it is identified that the word Veena has been derived from ‘Vana‘.

The Veena is made of jackwood and rosewood. The frets are made of steel or bronze. The frets are placed on wax at measured distances so that various notes are formed. A wood or ivory bridge is attached to the sound board. Acoustic uniformity and balance are observed in detail. Also the geometrical accuracy is observed while placing the frets. Measuring the length of the brass, silver or steel wires is done to produce a distinct and pleasing sound.