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Hi!!!! My Name is Patryk Tenorio Check this out and I hope you like it!!!!!!

New Record Out By PATRYK TENORIO!!!!!!

Name Of Album - "Falling Short Of Silence"

This is a brand new album released by Patryk Tenorio, recorded and Self-Produced by Patryk Tenorio himself in Austin,TX

All Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Drums, Synth, etc, are done by Patryk Tenorio Himself.

All of the tracks are original productions except for one Cover (Asthenia).

The album covers many genres from Alternative, to Rock, to Acoustic songs, to Pop Punk, to Experimental type music with many different effects as well as a short Techno Interlude.

The Album has influences from bands Like Angels and Airwaves, The Cure, Blink 182, The Police, Weezer, The Who, My Chemical Romance, U2, Etc.

The Album is a Truly Amazing Album with great hooks mixed in with meaningful lyrics to truly deliver something great to the listener while having fun.