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Passenger is a three-piece band hailing from the city of Durban situated on the east coast of South Africa. The birth of Passenger was a result of two bands, Saturnine & Armchair Generals, breaking up. Two members from Saturnine, Stephen Eckard and Greg Morgan, continued jamming together, with Greg swapping the guitar for the bass and were on the hunt for a drummer to complete their new line up. Enter Brandon Shore, formerly of the Armchair Generals. His unique drumming style and the existing friendship with Stephen and Greg made him the perfect 3rd member and thus Passenger was created. Each member brings their own personal tastes to the mix, with Stephen's song writing abilities ensuring the combinations of styles results in something fresh, big and somewhat easy to listen to. The band have just released their debut album, 'This Love is Suicide...', which was recorded at the Sound Factory. This album has been released on the band's own label, Slinch Records.