Paradox One


Phil Jackson: synths, piano, electric guitar, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion, effects accompanied by electric guitar, bass, drums, flute, extra synths, organ on the new album 'Inv

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A mixture of my influences with an original touch (I hope!) After three years a new pArAdOx OnE album is here: ‘Inventing Stars’ is a mix of many influences mostly rooted in late 60s/ early 70s influences the exception being ‘An Orison of Somni’ a track with more modern undertones inspired by a chapter of David Mitchell’s amazing book ‘Cloud Atlas’ , influenced by the music of Richard James (Aphex Twin). Other tracks are inspired by life, the universe and everything in particular my predilection for sci-fi, a wonderful escape from Earthly concerns but often, addressing Earthly concerns.