Anthony Romano-vocals, guitars, keys, bass, drums and percussion
Matt Michael-drums and percussion
Trish Cheifo-vocals (former member)

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More of a project than a band, Pride is the culmination of 21 years of dreams, tears, and sweat. It is the newest incarnation of past bands and present situations. The history of a dreamer. One man's vision of what Rock is lacking today, but not necessarily what it should be. Diversity and Singularity all rolled into one.
A mix of hard rock, blues, and a hint of metal, the sound is uniquely their own. To contact them you can do it thru this page or visit

Do you like it loud? Do you like to get a little bluesy while still kickin' some ass? Do you like it hard (and remember we're talkin' about music, here)? Well sit back and get ready to rock out.

(The trax you hear are only rough pre-mixes, but we want your critique b-4 we finish. Rip us apart if you so feel the need. We love feedback. Any suggestions on the mix, 'cause we suck and are doing this ourselves, would be greatly appreciated.)