Old Folk


Welcome to 'Old Folk' with totally original pieces by a singer songwriter written over the past 30+ years. A very ecclectic and 'sketchy' musical diary. Enjoy!

If I can call you Betty, you can call me Al.

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Not just for geriatrics, this 'folk' music is simply 'old' and has been dusted off and brought back to life for anyone curious to listen to music in it's simplest form....one voice and one (very basic) guitar.

Born in Scotland in the 60's and now living in Australia, this is 'one-world' music from an ageing artist keen to share some of his musings! These are one take wonders with no post production. The bare bones of musical ideas. Diamonds in the rough or pieces of shattered dreams....you be the judge.

Melancholy or nostalgic, either way, hindsight is a wonderful thing! This is a (way) back catalogue of musical notions from when the world was more innocent.....or was it just me?

These are musical thoughts, triggers to jog a memory, songs that one day should be done justice. I don't claim to be a performer but I do love words and what better way to share these words than with a tune.

Have a listen and get your friends to lend an ear too.