Obsydian Tears


New EP 'Headaches' soon available.

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Formed 2002, in Penzance by Adam Chinner and Mike Lloyd who's first gig together was a Penwith College concert at Club 2k. Not long after this, Sonny and Tim joined at about the same time and with this line up OT played several gigs.However Mike Lloyd left to study at exeter university and was shortly after replaced by George Wakfer who would also sing backing vocals. The band played a fair few shows with this line up before Sonny departed to move to London in the summer of 2005. Tim now moved on to the guitar and Georges brother 'Ging' was appointed on bass. This new sound was heavy and exciting and paved the way for a lot of new material to be written. The band played several gigs in this line up and ended the year on a high after several great gigs and great response from an audience with a growing knowledge of what the band could do live and a willingness to attend gigs. Into 2006 and George and his bro Ging left the band to concentrate on their first band Boden. Todd Phillips join