DowntownSoul presents 3 hot tracks from O.C Jigga's debut mixtape "True Stories". "Take Dem Dere", the first single, "Southside" and "OC Frontblock Anthem"

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O.C Jigga (Jigs) is a South-London emcee who first cut his teeth as a garage mc at the height of the London scene, forming the group Khemistry Krew, who released the single "Trouble on the road again"; leading to performances on noted pirate stations 99.9 FM and Taste FM.

Jigs then resolved to return to his first love, Hip-Hop, and spent the last few years payin dues, linking with a whole host of South London producers and emcees, building a signficant portfolio of tracks.

Having recently developed a dedicated MySpace following (MySpace.com/OCJIGGA1) and with a video for his first single "Take Dem Dere" in the works, now supported by DowntownSoul (MySpace.com/DowntownSoul) Jigs is truly set to take things to the next level in 2007 !

The three tracks here are all featured on his slammin' debut 16-track mixtape "True Stories", available to buy at MyStore.com/DowntownSoul

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