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NOJUS are an energetic band armed with original melodic rock songs. Irish art and culture have had a great influence on the creation of their sound.
"Music is the way of communication with people. You want anyone to hear the words you singing, and the hope appears that those words can be helpful to someone. Besides, everyone wants to immortalize himself - to make a stroke on the Stone of Life. We do not seek everlasting life, we want to give a sense to what we are doing... There is such a little and great wish that people come to our concerts, understand us, and be sincere like we are."
Nojus music style varies from acoustic bard music to folk rock with strong Irish and Baltic folklore influence. Listening to Dire Straits from the early days of his music carrier shaped his guitar playing technique and song creation. Lyrics and strong melody are key features of Nojus songs. Lyrical side of Nojus music represents moody reality of life and hope for the better day.