Genre: Hard rock
Independent Release

Finding your feet in the London rock scene can be difficult enough. But to come out of it with a self produced testament to how good bands in th

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Ninepages is the result of two bands formed around January 2005. Eliot Webb, Russ Martin & Francois de la Rouviere met over various band forums and message boards and formed a melodic rock/metal band called Keyaro. James Brown parted ways with Chapter at the end of 2004 and started looking for a new band with his friend and bassist Alex Bowness. Eliot had been a fan of Chapter and took the opportunity to have a session with Alex and James, with Russ filling in as a session drummer. Both bands we're off to a great start so Eliot suggested that the two separate bands have a session together, which turned out to be a great success. The newly formed 5 piece argued for about two months on a band name across nine pages of posts on their personal forum and it just seemed apt to adopt the Ninepages moniker.