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Name Nimesh Patel

Age 22

Location Cardiff

Nimesh has been in and out the music and modeling industry since the age of 15. At the age of 15 he started is career as a backing vocalist for a small Asian band in Wales... The band soon realized that he had the voice the presence and style to become the main singer of the band. Since then he has never looked back.
Last year he finished runner up in the Mr. Asia awards in London and decided that music was his path,
He now has lessons with stevie vann Lange in London who taught the likes of Blue, sugababes and Robbie Williams...
Nimesh did his first solo concert in oct 2004 but since then demand has been high and has done several live performances around the country in cities like Bristol, London and Cardiff and live on BBC radio Wales and Vibe FM has plans to tour India in the autumn of this year, his aims to take the charts by storm with his first single called “for a chance” and the video should be aired soon
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