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Described as the thinking man’s rock band NEW DIESEL have built a solid following with their refreshing approach to writing and performing ‘great songs’. Here are superbly crafted hard hitting pop rock anthems that NEVER go to the obvious changes, NEVER use the well worn lines, ALWAYS excite and stimulate the ear (and all the other bits associated with this genre) and contain that elusive element simply called ‘A GREAT TUNE’.

It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to NEW DIESEL at full volume at a live gig, or sitting in a quiet room hearing their un-plugged set, the same songs all sound like classics.

Their music has also been widely used as main title in PRIME TIME TV PROGRAMS including Cannon Ball Run C4, Gen X Sky, Men & Motors Sky, World Basketball Series C4, Skate Park Sports Show C4, RAD C5 (Meet The Groms - this is C5's longest running series which won a BAFTA in 2005).