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There`s not a day going by that I don`t sing. Singing is My Passion. Hello my name is Nathalie-joan and I was born on 17 November 1977 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.When I was a little girl I always waited for Countdown and the top 40 to look at the tv, loved the music And I try to sing as far as I could understand what the artists sang. In the age of 9 years I started to sing more often, was it not by myself then was it, however, with my older sister Monique. With a cassette tape we`ve recorded songs and then listnen to it.That was Fun! Monique did 2e the voice. I went on young age to traditional ballet, jazz ballet, tapdance and Showmusical and I also practise gymnastics for 10 years .And I still dance traditional Ballet(after a stop of 4 years). When I became 12 years old I got for my birthday my first radio/cd got player, I later Bought of my pocket money my very first single cd!'Robin s with the song "show me Love". I played That number I always on Repeat, and so I find out my pas