Neo Keez, formally Jaquarius, brings you another chapter of Chicago house music. The new single "Simon" featuring Mike Dilla has all ready began to beat the doors down! Check out the new phenomenon "Simon" and see if your up to the challenge!

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Neo Keez, formally Jaquarius, is one of Chicago’s original pioneers of 80’s house music. Neo Keez shot into prominence in 1988 with his hit song “Love is Happiness”, which reached the British House Top 20 and stayed number 10 on the billboard charts for several weeks. Since the early 80’s Neo Keez has carved a name for himself as a midwest based producer working in a wide range of music styles from Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, soundtracks and more! Neo Keez production skills cover many genres of music. If you need the phattest Hip Hop, R&B or Dance Tracks your money can buy, you have found one of the hottest producers who can deliver the best production for your music demo or first CD Project. Your music has to be great for an A&R executive and a record label to take you seriously. So get it right the first time, because first impressions count. You may never get a second chance.