The influences from Chimaira and Strapping Young Lad are there, to be sure, but these 5 fresh musicians who call themselves Mythosis take things to a heavier and more intricate direction, blending in

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Ripping out of Montreal, Mythosis is a band ready to storm the world with its multi-layered and original approach to song writing. As clear as their recording quality is, another note of interest that shines through is that the sound of Mythosis is a rich blend of Death Metal, Industrial and Hardcore. Their particular take on this sub-genre is a mark they lay down, such as that they have mark their sound, and made their territory clear.

This is no accident however, as each member has taken the time and has been dedicated to their instruments- each of them boasts an impressive 10 year plus tenure with their respective instrument. This experience has led them through many different bands in North America and touring the world over. Guitarist Chris Donaldson does double, maybe even triple duty in Mythosis as song writer and engineer, as well as being a member of Montreal Death Metal legends Cryptopsy ( Century Media ) since he joined in 2005, could only elevate his guitar proficiences.