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Jon Friso, A.K.A. Mr. Frizo has been on the music scene since 1998. With three full length albums under his belt, this rapper/producer is a music industry time bomb waiting to explode. His newest album, “Property Of”, is a powerhouse amongst albums released by nationwide Indies. His music is known to be overachieving regardless of what category it’s placed. This man manages to write lyrics, (for himself, and others, from hip hop, to r&b), and then produce and record his own tracks. Not to mention, eNicaR Records, his record label, which is word of mouth all over the Racine/Milwaukee area.
His music itself is very diverse. Hits like “Move Around” & “Get It Krunk” will make you, well, move around. On the other hand, listening to songs such as “Hold You” & “Dude” might just make you a little emotional, so every listener gets something they like. On top of that, the beats Mr. Frizo makes are so original. They sound great and not like everything else we’re hearing right now. So if the lyri