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Meet Mozart Jones and Silver Key. Jones is the mind behind Mozart Production, a 21-year-old LA native who has since relocated to Columbia, Maryland. This DJ/producer (one of the youngest) runs his own radio internet station, works as stage crew and sound manager and owns a film production company. Jones also turns out the beats for some major labels and artists. Silver Key began back in the day with two members, J-Beats and Siddartha. Silver Key kicked things off producing music for local artists in the Baltimore area before a separation. The Key is back, digging into a variety of hip-hop styles, generating an original style tinged with gothic rock touches. The Key is touting its first album, ..The First Pain... J-Beats is producing music for Silver Key and is the lyricist and co-writer for the group. Siddartha is the vocalist, co-writer, guitarist and engineer for Silver Key. Following the release of ..The First Pain,.. touring will take over the easter