mojo - 1. Source of magical powers. 2. energy that flows between members of a creative job. 3. spark of inspiration. 4. come from the English expression “my job”.

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Using the most diverse sonorous references Mojo appears, in June of 1996, with the proposal to make a very particular music, with much attention in the arrangements without losing the heavy sound and the melody.
Taking as starting point different manifestations of the art and trying to synthesize everything in its lyrics, melodies, harmonies and rhythms, Mojo presents an uncommon way of thinking music, however honest and made inside of an environment where music is the end.
With three recorded demo- compact discs, many years in the Brazilian underground scene, Mojo records its first full-length compact disc, produced by independent form, entitled “Para aqueles que deixam o sol ir embora”.
The compact disc shows the new ideas for everyone that wants to hear and appreciate the Mojo way of make music, brings the band’s experience on live stages and their will to be established as a band who makes a proper sound with much feeling and energy.