Michael Carruth


Michael Carruth says "Hello" with his trumpet with a couple of jazzy tunes from his CD entitled, "After All These Years". I've always love jazz but I've also included a song (Peace Returns) from my newest CD - "A Revelation Soundtrack-The Ride of Your Life" which has more of a lyrical style to it.

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(603) 473-8333 E-MAIL mcarruth@roadrunner.com

New Hampshire based trumpeter/keyboardist/music educator, Michael Carruth, not only shares his love of music with his students, but with the rest of the world as well, with his CD’s entitled, “After All These Years” and “A Revelation Soundtrack-The Ride of Your Life”.

A culmination of thirty five years of practicing the “Art of Performance” in groups ranging in styles from horn-rock, dixieland, polka, big-band swing, jazz, symphonic winds and classical brass quartet now allows me to express myself with my own material. My first CD “After All These Years” consists of ten original compositions ranging in styles from easy listening jazz to Midwest horn rock to full-blown orchestral. My latest release, “A Revelation Soundtrack-The Ride of Your Life” comes from the spiritual side of my life. The project consists of twelve movements musically representing the Four Horsemen