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In 2005 the solo project Mattia M is born.
The love of horror movies and literature is transposed into music to create gloomy and oppressive armospheres.
The sounds, generated by using pre existing loops or with a keyboard, depict somber visualizations often accompanied by the narranting voice of Mattia M.
At the beginning of 2007 Mattia M approaches the world of indipendent horror movies by making the soundtracks for two short movies “3gp-horror” and “Il Settimo Omicidio” by director Contebiz and produced by the site Horrorlandia.
During this same period Mattia M befriends and cooperates with other important directors in the independent horror circuit : Ricky Caruso (Visione Singolare Factory), Paolo Del Fiol, Alberto Genovese e Luigi De Conti.
2007 turns out to be crucial particularly for two reasons : 1) the solo album “Sounds Of Horror” is produced and 2) cooperation with friend and musician Roby Tav begins.
From this cooperation with Roby Tav VISIONI GOTICHE come to life wh