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Martinique's distinctively haunting and powerful songs feature a unique hybrid of minor chords, evocative lyrics, vocal harmonies and powerful percussive rhythms that draw the listener deeper into the music each time the CD is played. The tracks on "Tangled Web of Cool" run the gamut from strong, rock-based songs (i.e.: "You Had No Right") to powerful and emotional ballads (i.e.: "Mother"). All of her songs showcase Martinique's remarkable voice and 3 octave range as she sings of life, love, and betrayal with an honesty and freshness that captures the imagination and touches the heartstrings of every listener. Martinique's lyrical gift is her ability to always find new and eloquent ways to use metaphor to speak straight from the heart.

Martinique Walker's music will keep the listener spellbound from the first to the last track. Don't miss this opportunity to hear "Tangled Web of Cool". You won't be disappointed.