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Mark Healing, original material spanning a multitude of genres and timespans.


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Mark Healing

A student from Norfolk, Mark creates solo material in an array of genres - from rock to funk to classical. Primarily a guitarist, his initial inspirations stemmed from classic rock and blues, but he has since adopted more diverse styles, drawing from jazz, classical and acoustic genres.

An introduction to the tracks:

'Miles of Blue Sky' is an example of the acoustic singer-songwriter genre, featuring a smooth vocal (and later guitar) melody accompanied by gently fingerpicked acoustic guitars and a simple percussive line. Think of lazy days on the beach (without the sunburn) and you've got the mood right - relax.

'Fly' is an impressive alternative rock track, utilising strong 3-part vocal harmony as well as a driving guitar chord pattern and bass line to push it forward.

'Prelude to a Life' is an atmospheric classical film soundtrack, combining a beautiful classical guitar melody with a synthesised 'pad' effect from a digital keyboard.