Marc Yeats


As a painter, my composition techniques have been drawn primarily from the practice of abstraction in visual arts. This enables my music to be higly individual.

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Marc Yeats began composing seriously in 1994. Since then he has received performances by The Edinburgh String Quartet, the Chamber Group of Scotland, Psappha, Richard Casey, the London Sinfonietta, the Endymion Ensemble, Lonba, Paragon Ensemble, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, illegal harmony, 175 East (N.Z.), Sarah Watts, Sarah Nicolls, Federico Mondelci, the Commonwealth Sinfonietta, Contempo Ensemble (Italy), Rarescale (UK), the New York Miniaturists Ensemble (USA), the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo City Philharmonic and Gewandhaus Radio Orchestra (among others), with broadcasts on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio Scotland as well as German, EU, Japanese and New Zealand radio.
My composition techniques are drawn primarily from experiences with the practices of the abstraction in the visual arts. Over time I learnt how to translate my personal visual language of colour, form and texture into sound.

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