MaYor MYx


..A journey through the hallucinating atmosphere of magical sounds of music, brilliant video- and live-images, mystical dance and breathtaking vocals. A dynamic interaction between guitarist, voice a

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....the Salt and Pepper of the Lowlands…
Like two electrons steadfastly bound in each others' orbit, they are
guitarist/composer Mario van Schijndel and his partner in life and art, designer Dolly Krabbendam.

As artistic duo “MaYor MYx”, they’ve created a dynamic adventure through the hallucinogenic atmosphere of serene sound, scintillating live and video imagery, mystical dance and breathtaking vocals, a completely new total-theater concept: “EMOTIONS”.

Mario van Schijndel is a musical octopus: classical, rock and pop guitarist, talented on the horns, and gifted composer/arranger. As an accomplished producer, he handles the details of audio recording technology with finesse.
Dolly Krabbendam is the creative mind and 5-legged sheep behind this energetic duo. Within “MaYor MYx”, she produces and directs film, video and stills, designs costumes and lighting, prepares storyboards, handles marketing, and all aspects of the corporate identity from graphics to website.