Hello!! Major is an artist about helping to break down stereotyping, between black and white, and between all races,
by his music. What the world needs is more love and positive diversity. It seems

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Major has captivated audiences in the surrounding Columbus Area with his local television show, Jam with Major. This prompted Major to open up a music store, where he taught drum lessons and sold musical instruments. He is still recognized for his talent that was displayed on his show. He exhibted his riveing, natural ability to perform before an audience of cameras and viewers. He is well known for his drum talents. Major tries very hard to display his affection for music through the instruments that he plays. He plays all of the instruments on all of his songs on his earlier cd's. He now uses a combination of instruments and machines on his latest compositions. He composes R & B, along with Hip Hop and funk. He also writes the lyrics, does the editing and much more. Major has played with numerous bands throughout his career, including the former horn player for Rick James. Major has visited and met with individuals in the industry, such as Bert Padell, Dino Devalle (Senior VP of Urb

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Title:  myxertones.com/majorthrowdown Text "346170" to Myxer (69937)
Created: Thursday 28 February 23:13
Last Updated: Thursday 28 February 23:13
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I've heard it said by people that the young generation has no taste in music. All they want is a good beat. , Major Throw Down, do not believe that. I'm bringing you what's in my head. I give you what's real and what's not for real. Help Major to achieve his dream by sending a message to the industry and the listeners that you want more than just a good beat. When I have achieved my dream... you will have too. It's you that made me.
Send me... send the dream... because we become one.
If you love the music, you won't player hate. If I make it, you make it. You are the voice

Title:  Studio Time
Created: Tuesday 30 January 19:27
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Summary:Studio Time Contact Major @614-313-9139

Title:  My Career
Created: Sunday 14 January 19:25
Last Updated: Sunday 14 January 19:25
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Summary:I know that God blessed me with this talent to be used to help my
Family and those who are less fortunate (the homeless, ets)

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Created: Tuesday 26 December 17:41
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Getting signed
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I write songs that are not political and seem political, but deal with reality. I believe that this is the greatest country in the world. I mean no disrespect to any artist or anyone. But, it seems like we've chosen the path of simple songs containing good beats and all about bling-bling, rather than songs with a message that could change how people think. I feel that history will repeat itself by going backwards with, racism, if we do not use the opportunity to express ourselves through musical lyrics. When we talk about racial issues, we want to say that it's polictical. In order for a nation to heal itself, it MUST first recognize it's history of racism and not repeat what it has already gone through. Through my music, I try to educate about the explosive siuations that we're headed for. I am trying to get signed so that, through music,a voice can be heard concerning various issues that are not being expressed through musical lyrics today.It's ok to sing about all of the bling-bling that everyone seems to be caught up in. I am not trying to dis anyone, but there is too much racial tension in this country. I'M JUST KEEPIN' IT REAL. I wonder if there is any label or record company that is interested in making a difference in the industry through the diversity of lyrics to educate. I too, belive in revnue. Hits are made through airplay. Repetition is how messages are brought to light through music. I can't believe that we are a country who has allowed education to decrease and the simplicity of lyrics to increase. I am currently forming a new band. Who is interested in signing an artist with a passion for diverse education?

Peace to all races and much love,

Major Throw Down

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