Me, Myself, and M.O.S.T
Cleveland oh-reppa,23 yrs old with some of these songs that i do you should notice that im so different from everybody else from cleveland,thats not a bad thing either. B.S.M was made because labels now dont do it for the love of muzik no more

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Born in 1983, Cleveland Ohio raised from the ground up.[I had somewhat of a hard life growin up, vie seen my moms pass right in front of me at 14 yrs old.with that type of stress on my head i decided to put it tosme good use] M.O.S.T was 16 when he stared freestylin with his now fellow B.S.M members.[We used to rap for hours to one damn beat every day all day, thats when i noticed that "damn i can actually do this rap shit for life".Every since then he has been networking his talent on the corner of 116ht and corlett.In 2006 he met a producer that was so futuristic he had to jump on that opportunity. [Charlie Vegas is my ace boon coon,anything thats got to do wit music,we on it. With more focus on goin hard and becoming successful "and evolvin into a HIP HOP ARTIST B.S.M will remain first priority in all.Charlie,A.G, M.O.S.T started Block Star Muzik,and indie label that focuses on the artist an developement of the label as a whole