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Miles a.k.a tha problem is from plainfield N.J. born in cameroon, Africa, his family moved to the U.S when he was a young buck. Love for music was always something he couldn't leave without as you would always find him listening to music and always trying find out ways to do anything musical. His love for music ranges from hip to anything with a nice beat and melody. But he sites R$B as his favorite type of music. Miles fell in love with hip hop (rap) when he became a little wiser and mature, and then he decided to pursue it and also to set an example of the other side of the streets which no one is willing to claim or admit to. If you ask him about himself, Miles says he is nothing different from your average dude. 'I'm neither a thug nor gangsta, i'm just a regular dude" he stated 'but when the pressure is on then it is what it is from there on, we'll get it in". Miles is an artist like a very few, sounds like himself with distinct and impressive lyrics. He's the next thing to watch