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MEDRAS came out after mixing the letters of the word "DREAMS". Something like this describes the music from Chris C.First appearance was at 2002 with "PIPE DREAM" at "IODIUM2: Underwater Voyagers" released from Mediterranean Beat.An ambient chill out compilation cd. One year later in "CHAPTER ONE(once upon a time)" released from Loopsnoo Rec. his track "I.D."was included, once again a chill-lounge compilation cd. A fresh new release (2006), again in a compilation cd just arrived. This time with more juicy-groovy sound inspired from the Greek summer in the islands(-: "COOL IT" , included in the "SAVE YOUR FUNK'IN EARS" , a groovy/funky compilation cd released from Timewarp Music rec. A second release for this year from Timewarp Music rec. just arrived!!!! "Dub my funky groove remixes & reworks" is the title of this double cd with remixes from various artists to “Timewarp inc - Dub my funky groove”