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He embodies the mid nineties Brit music scene at it's best; Mark Mathews' refreshing blend of funk, Indie and rock n' roll makes him a dangerous talent that could dethrone Brit rock Gods such as Oasis and The verve.

His music is full of London angst and self- deprecating lyrics. Amazingly cheeky and observant, Mark is anything but a pretentious isolated folk artist; realism and humour can be just as poetic if not more relevant to his listeners. In 'London lives' Mark sings "while she sleeps on the train I'll be eyeing up your girlfriend" um…Mark is a bit of a naughty boy, not only is he checking a girl out but is basically telling the poor boyfriend. However tongue and cheek his lyrics maybe Mark still manages to retain his artistic integrity and can really churn out magical lyrics. In his track 'It goes out the window' Mark portrays the ups and down of a tempestuous relationship, a real emotional ride.

Mark Mathews is a genuinely talented artist with an ability to totally engr