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“A strong and confident singer, I have seen Lyla go leaps and bounds to become an artist who has now found her niche and thriving in it.” Francesca Wilkins, Festival Mushroom Records

“A pintsize powerhouse! Lyla has a rich resonant voice that demands attention with a range that is seemingly endless. Yet aside from her charismatic stage presence and playful nature, it is her songs that people go away raving about.” Editor Drum Media, Australia

“A powerful singer/songwriter reminiscent of Anastacia & Macy Gray” Daniela Djuric, A&R Warner Music

“Watch this space!” Warrick Hornby, The Whitlams, Warner Music

Influenced by the songwriting of U2, Alanis Morissette and Franz Ferdinand and the vocal prowess of Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder, Lyla cathartically weaves provocative, personal, meditative, universal and quirky experiences into uplifting, catchy and palatable songs for people of all ages to both identify with and enjoy.

Lyla is a London based rock/soul singer songwrit