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Lucky Delucci's trademark brand of charismatic compositions began its intuitive journey around the spring of 2005. Having freshly returned from their back-pack travels, 6'7 frontman Josef Prygodzicz and comparatively diminutive bassist Daniel Jones decided to asemble a new line up of musicians. The boys were introduced to a talented guitarist named Alun and soon after sought the talents of vocalist Sarah, an old school friend of Josef and Daniel. Stephen Harris (AKA Fly) was known as the best local drummer and after many conversations (and a certain degree of arm twisting) agreed to join the crusade.
For months the four would meet at each other's houses throwing ideas into the melting pot. They had soon un-wittingly established a unique genre of music that would stand aloud in an era dominated by emo, post-pop balderdash.
Each member of the band comes with varying musical backrounds which has allowed the five-piece to develop an alluring sound the likes of which are seldom heard on a