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Part of the electronic music scene in Quebec, Canada since mid 1980's. Played electronic music on air with a radio show called Zoosemiotique (The study of animal communications, in french) for over 5 years. Organized electronic DJ parties 'til they became better known as raves. On a happy tour as DJ Stormbass, in America and Europe with a DJ residence in Paris, France and in Quebec, Canada. Played major clubs like the REX in Paris. Also played with various well known artists like Carl cox (France Techno Parade), Laurant Garnier (Paris), Manu le Malin (Hard Tech Raves France), Astral Projection (Trance raves France), Hip Noize (NRV, Paris), Robert de la Gauthier (Montreal, Canada) to name a few... Today, DJ Stormbass focuses on studio compositions at L'Oeil stereO, with vintage synths, modern virtual instruments, real humans playing real instruments and all of this with the happiest smile a Robot can have!. This has become the main priority under the composer's name LeRobot.