Electronica - Rapture - Insomnia - Fuck - Love - Pain. That's what it's about.
Come to join the German electro act Lennox.

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After Rick K made an experimental electronic-album, called 'Paranoid Desire', released in November 2004, he wanted to start a new project. LENNOX was born. He started to collect a few demos and first tracks that he made for it. The first result was 'Revolution', a promo CD sampler which was relesed in September 2005. He also started to remix his own tracks and for other artists, too. This remix-work goes on regular now. Now he's working on new material for the next official Lennox release...

LENNOX is influenced by_

Client, IAMX/Chris Corner, Sneaker Pimps, Robots In Disguise, Ladytron, Soho Dolls, Kraftwerk, DAF, The Human League, Depeche Mode, The Strike Boys, The Cure, Soldout, Soho The Kills, Joy Division, Soft Cell, The Grid, The Rapture, Gang Of Four, Archigram, Manix, Soulwax, Visage... ...dirty nights, sex, love, rapture, pain, electronica, insomnia, London, Berlin, party, fuck.