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Kuai Zi were formed out of necessity from the Beijing live music scene. Front man Skott Taylor and lead guitarist Mike/Noah met in 2003 while living in China and have since then been playing their unique style of Blues Rock Hip Hop across the world. Coming to the realization that their music had become bigger than the acoustic duo had planned, the pair set off to London. In time they met up with an old Beijing friend, Gilo “DJ DMT” Cheney who was more than up for throwing down some bass lines and filling out the sound. Through Gilo, Ric Nash was introduced and the final piece to the Kuai Zi puzzle was found.

Drawing from a number of influences and musical methods ranging from Rock to Blues to Jazz to Hip Hop, Kuai Zi has a style that’s hard to nail down. They have been compared to the likes of Jack Johnson, Weezer, Beck and Dave Matthews Band with hints of Hip Hop lyricism, but definitely have a style of their own.