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They say there’s a fine line between creativity and depression and Kris Halpin’s debut single Ghostships has nailed it.
It evokes images of poisoned love: a hard topic to write about and then make sure it doesn’t end up sounding like syrupy clichés with some music in the background.
The lyrics are a credit to Halpin’s songwriting skills – they’re like a swan song from the lovelorn Halpin – “The way you used me/ And now you can forget me”.
His gritty and realistic words are contemporary and true, which is rare in today’s tunes, even the grungy drug references – “Gently taking drugs/I would slit my throat/Just to get you back” – are not out of place or even inciting sinister imagery here.
The hauntingly beautiful music of synthesized strings and guitar down play Halpin’s husky voice, as if he’s in a trance.

And Halpin sounds almost sensual when he purrs, “you don’t know what you’re missing”.

Yes, we do, and now we’ve found it.

- Angela Allan