Ken Murray


The first two songs from the 'Raw start' collection are 'Fighting for the King' and 'Masie'.

'Fighting for the King': the naivity of youth to the glory of war. Inspired by the fight between Edward 1st & William 'braveheart' Wallace.

'Maise': the impractical yearning of student love.

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Ken Murray is a songwriter travelling a continuing journey of change: a journey that's so far taken in rock/pop, classically influenced, acoustic and more. Initially working with different musicians from various bands and performing in a duo.

Wanting to concentrate on his writing & making demos/recordings he took a back seat from performing and began writing for, and with other artistes.

Never one for following musical fashion or being compartmentalised, he has carved his own style & continues to develop.

Ken's current major project is another change of direction: writing and recording a new concept musical/rock album. This is based on a true love story, fusing the different styles he has developed & crossing musical boundaries.

The first couple of songs available here for download are tasters in the 'rock' genre from the forthcoming 'raw start' collection.

Enjoy the journey as it twists & turns. Ok. Lets begin with a 'Raw Start'.