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KanaJo – Vocals and Guitar
Kana Bill Simmons – Guitar and vocals
John Avila Bass Guitar,vocals and production
Michael "Drummer for God" Leasure-Drums and vocals
KANAWORMZ is the brainchild of Kana Joe and John Avila. Kana Joe is best known for the hit song "THE FANATIC" which he produced and co-wrote as guitar player for Felony. He also wrote and produced Felony's top forty hit "THE VIGILANTE." John Avila Achieved world wide acclaim as the driving force behind "Oingo Boingo." John not only played bass for Boingo, he co-wrote and produced many Oingo Boingo hit songs. These two "Masters of Frequencies" bring you "THE WORMZ," without a doubt the heaviest JESUS band on planet earth. There is an underground movement building every minute as kanawormz.com hears from more people who love the "WORMZ."
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