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I was born in the City of New Orleans LA, and raised in the Calliope Projects. Music has always been my way to escape from the harsh reality of everyday life and my way to see the struggles that other people have. I’ve been writing and making music since the age of 8 and has been my passion ever since. I see music as a tool to get a point across and a tool to express any emotion; I use it just for that. After seeing how fragile life is in the projects or in any hood, I was determined to make my mark on life. I made some decisions I’m not to proud of in the pass, to fund my way of living but was searching for a way out. After realizing the type of ending I was headed for, I decided to make a drastic change. I joined the military, but wasn’t too expectable at first to their way business but still maintained and learned, ultimately making me a better person a better writer and a better entertainer.