Bernard Engel (Guitars)
Sid Harris (Bass)
Daniel Gruenewald (Drums)
Jamie Vox (Lead vocals)


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These ARMY brats borne in Ethiopia, The Republic of Panama, L.A. and Germany have embraced their bizarre mixture of cultural influences to produce a strangely recognizable style reminiscent of “Rage against the Chilli, Foo, Pilots”.

Shortly after their 2005 debut in the city of Schweinfurt, Germany word of mouth about their outrageous on-stage energy earned them the large following and status they now enjoy in the region. Nonetheless, after headlining major events for the US forces in Germany they watched their popularity soar as they became an instant favorite of the thousands of Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines stationed overseas.

This unexpected surge in popularity forced the band into the studio to record “Simply Complicated” an EP that despite the rush spawned “Waiting for your heart to bleed” which reached the #1 spot of the Independent Artist Company’s Alternative charts and “Cry” which was selected as Garaband.com’s track of the day among other awards in May of 2006.