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Rod Soriano of the groove/rock band Katerpillar, is pleased to announce the release of his latest e.p., Cataplectic, a brave fusion of his experiences in the musical genres of groove/rock and alternative. This release offers a continuation of Katerpillar’s die-hard tradition of dedication to radio-ready rock music style. In Cataplectic, Rod explores the much relatable human struggles of finding love, money, and sanity amidst a chronically chaotic society. Cataplectic leads listeners in a journey that appeals to both the ears and the heart. The release of Cataplectic symbolizes a new beginning for Katerpillar, introducing a musical intensity and exciting variety that guarantees a wide fan base. With 5 Original tracks that blend into each other, Katerpillar’s Cataplectic is sure to continue its tradition of leaving a wide range of listeners wanting more!