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Johnny House: he dances like no other, his songs are moving, and he is nuts. As his "associate" likes to say: "He is unlike the others".

Everything started in 2003 when the talent of Johnny House was discovered by Mr House. Together, they created the mysterious "House Corporation".

Johnny House does the music and Mr House does the PR. Yet, sometimes the two talents become one. Such as in the song "Mr Cumnio", with Mr House sporting some explosive vocals.

But limiting the activity of the House Corporation to just music and PR would be pointless. As Johnny House put it:

"Corporation comes from latin Corpus, body. We move our bodies to death. And we do it naturally. We can, because we are unlike the others. Drugs would be useless to us."

"We live in the disco. We see the strobe. We smell the fog machine. We taste the Piña Colada. We drink water, too."

"A dancer is a muscular artist with a mission: filling the voids"